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I may be a vegetarian but that hasn’t stopped me from accepting any sort of food assignment.  I had a blast working on this project for ehow about How to Grill Shrimp.  I did learn that deveining shrimp is nasty but now I know how to do it and was even inspired to grill shrimp again the other day for a dinner party.  It turns out it is pretty easy and looks pretty too.  Check out the link above for the rest of the pics.

3 Cheers for Beer

It seems that the few times I actually write posts, I am apologizing for being a bad blogger. So I won’t do that here. You should see the blog posts that I write in my mind. I can be very productive while in the shower and falling asleep late at night. It’s not that I haven’t been shooting here in Denver. I have been shooting a ton, and it is all stuff I love to shoot; mostly food and beverages. A stint at a website all about craft cocktails and small batch distillers led to a book project. I have been working on a book called, ‘Colorado Top Brewer’s’ which will feature the creme de la creme of beautiful Colorado. There are around 140 craft breweries here in Colorado, and it literally seems like a new one opens each day. It is exciting to be at the epicenter of craft beer. Okay, I may be a tad biased at this point. While living in California I was a full on wine drinker but this project has won me over and I have discovered so many lovely beers. It has been a great project and I have really enjoyed meeting the passionate brewers, owners, and staff at so many great venues. This week we hit up Denver Beer Co. and Great Divide. Book will come out in June. Cheers!

Editing Myself

I have worked as a photo editor, so you would think I would be better at editing my own photos.  Although truth be told, the title photo editor doesn’t accurately describe what we do.  Photo editors produce shoots, do lots of research, and generally figure out which photo to use where and how to get it.  We do also spend time sorting through hundreds of photos in order to put together books, albums, or webpages.  I have most recently been working on editing photos in order to update my other website, Hello Junior and editing photos from my honeymoon.  I have great pictures to go through and yet I find myself editing a photo and then checking my email, facebook, and even  Thus, the question remains; How to get an editor to edit?  My solution has been to multitask.  If I am also listening to music or even have Foxy Bingo open as well, then I am bound to be more productive.  My honeymoon was a once in a lifetime experience and while my photos might not be high art, I don’t want to lose the memories by not putting my pictures into some sort of cohesive project.  We were in Bangkok while there was the beginnings of some flooding.  As a photographer, I often feel flooded with photos.  I know that I will always be flooded with images because I keep taking more pictures.  It is my job to fill and then empty the buckets and I love it.

My New Home

My amazing new husband Joe got an amazing new job in Denver because he is amazing.  Thus, three months after our wedding I find myself in Colorado trying to figure out what the heck I am doing.  The fine art photography is going great with three concurrently running shows, a new project in the works, and I am gearing up for Fotofest in March.  Work wise I am looking for full time opportunities and it has been really interesting to research Denver area companies and meet lots of new people.  Meanwhile, I now have extra time on my hands to photograph whatever I want.

Colorado is gorgeous, no doubt about it but I have never been one to just photograph pretty pictures.  I am more interested in these small businesses and ad hoc architecture that I see in the nearby suburbs.  No question why I liked this picture….and no that is not my actual apartment.

All this photography has me thinking about composition.  What makes a picture a picture beyond the subject matter?

I think this photo is interesting because your eye is drawn to more than one focal point, both the sun and the sign.  If forces you to look around the picture and take in the entire scene.  I am looking forward to exploring my new city and using composition to put order around my experiences here.


Triple Threat

This winter I am a triple threat. I have photographs in three shows in three cities, so you have no excuse not to attend.

The show in San Francisco opens January 6th and runs until March 25th. It is a collaboration between myself and Leah Rosenberg, the talented painter, sculptor and baker. The gallery is showing my Shelf Life series, a new project about shrimp (yes, shrimp!), and our joint project which focuses on abstracting color and shape from mundane grocery store items.

The New York Photo Festival: Feast Your Eyes features a photo I shot in Peru of a simple yet amazing kitchen. It will be exhibited January 6th – 27th.

In addition, I moved to Denver, Colorado about six weeks ago.  I am excited to be a part of the Colorado Photographic Arts Center – iWorld show.  It will be an excellent introduction to the photographic community in my new hometown.  My photos will be shown at their gallery as well as in the Denver Library.

Hope to see you there!

Root Division Show

I have 8 pieces currently up in a show at Root Division, here in San Francisco.  It has been a great experience to be a part of Taste 2011, an annual exhibit about food & food-related ideas and I feel lucky to be included with some other great foodie art.  The work I included is part of 2 separate series; Shelf Life and Picnic.  I don’t have the projects up on my site as of yet but I hope to by mid May.  So check back then for the full scoop or if you are in the Bay Area the show is up until April 23rd. 

Grilled Cheers

I have never been to British Columbia but I am about ready to hop on a plane in order to try this Grilled Cheese Martini.  To summarize, they infuse rum with an actual grilled cheese sandwich by soaking it overnight.  I suppose the article includes the recipe so that I can infuse my own booze but surely the original is worth the long flight.  I love a savory drink and this sounds like the ultimate to me.  In other booze news, Saturday is Pisco Sour day, celebrated every year on the first Saturday of February.  Cheers!

Forgive me for I am a terrible blogger

Forgive me as I am a terrible blogger. I haven’t written anything since September and before that I promised (my 5 readers) that I would post Peru photos. Alas, life gets busy, priorities change, blogs get left by the wayside. Somehow I lose the impetus to write about my exploits and endeavors in a formal way but I am always taking photographs, seeing art shows, and coming across interesting food ideas. Joe is encouraging me to get a tumbler because it is more visual, maybe after I get my new iphone…..

In other news I am done with graduate school. I finished my classes in December and currently working on my final thesis project and looking forward to going back to full time employment. I have enjoyed freelancing while I have been in school (if someone is reading this who has a freelance project for me….I am available!) but excited about pursuing new opportunities and challenges.

I thought I would share this image, which is a photo realist PAINTING. I have always loved photorealism, ever since seeing Audrey Flack’s work when I was in high school. Lee Price paints birds eye images of scantily clad or nude women eating junky food alone. Her paintings are so richly detailed and sumptuous although a little uncomfortable at the same time. How cool would it be to be able to paint like that.

Eating alone is of course one of my favorite subject matters. Who we are and what we eat and how we are when we are alone. My images of men eating in the park attempt to capture the true sense of alone-ness as they are not fabricated but captured. It would love to see a show of Lee Price’s paintings along with my photographs printed large.

18 Reasons Dinner

Last Friday I photographed a beer pairing dinner at 18 Reasons in the Mission. It was a multi course extravaganza with each course matched up with an equally tasty beer. 18 Reasons is an amazing organization as part of Bi-Rite Grocery that “engages the community through food and art,” which as luck would have it are my two favorite things. They host a slew of different dinners, classes, and foodie events in their space on Guererro Street. The room is a bit dark with bad lighting so this time I experimented by going all artismo with black and white grainy goodness. Next week I am shooting an ice cream sandwich class, with Bi-Rite Creamery ice cream of course. I can’t wait.


Whoah. This new dish from Denny’s is bananas. I kind of love it because it is so over the top. An antithesis of everything whole foods, local, sustainable. Take that Alice Waters….this probably tastes disgustingly delicious. It is sort of like a vegetarian’s version of the KFC doubledown.  I wonder how long the R&D people at Denny’s worked on this? And the photography and styling is pretty amazing. Next step, deep fry the whole damn thing. Including the props.  Oh, and it comes with fries.