My New Home

My amazing new husband Joe got an amazing new job in Denver because he is amazing.  Thus, three months after our wedding I find myself in Colorado trying to figure out what the heck I am doing.  The fine art photography is going great with three concurrently running shows, a new project in the works, and I am gearing up for Fotofest in March.  Work wise I am looking for full time opportunities and it has been really interesting to research Denver area companies and meet lots of new people.  Meanwhile, I now have extra time on my hands to photograph whatever I want.

Colorado is gorgeous, no doubt about it but I have never been one to just photograph pretty pictures.  I am more interested in these small businesses and ad hoc architecture that I see in the nearby suburbs.  No question why I liked this picture….and no that is not my actual apartment.

All this photography has me thinking about composition.  What makes a picture a picture beyond the subject matter?

I think this photo is interesting because your eye is drawn to more than one focal point, both the sun and the sign.  If forces you to look around the picture and take in the entire scene.  I am looking forward to exploring my new city and using composition to put order around my experiences here.


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