Forgive me for I am a terrible blogger

Forgive me as I am a terrible blogger. I haven’t written anything since September and before that I promised (my 5 readers) that I would post Peru photos. Alas, life gets busy, priorities change, blogs get left by the wayside. Somehow I lose the impetus to write about my exploits and endeavors in a formal way but I am always taking photographs, seeing art shows, and coming across interesting food ideas. Joe is encouraging me to get a tumbler because it is more visual, maybe after I get my new iphone…..

In other news I am done with graduate school. I finished my classes in December and currently working on my final thesis project and looking forward to going back to full time employment. I have enjoyed freelancing while I have been in school (if someone is reading this who has a freelance project for me….I am available!) but excited about pursuing new opportunities and challenges.

I thought I would share this image, which is a photo realist PAINTING. I have always loved photorealism, ever since seeing Audrey Flack’s work when I was in high school. Lee Price paints birds eye images of scantily clad or nude women eating junky food alone. Her paintings are so richly detailed and sumptuous although a little uncomfortable at the same time. How cool would it be to be able to paint like that.

Eating alone is of course one of my favorite subject matters. Who we are and what we eat and how we are when we are alone. My images of men eating in the park attempt to capture the true sense of alone-ness as they are not fabricated but captured. It would love to see a show of Lee Price’s paintings along with my photographs printed large.

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