3 Cheers for Beer

It seems that the few times I actually write posts, I am apologizing for being a bad blogger. So I won’t do that here. You should see the blog posts that I write in my mind. I can be very productive while in the shower and falling asleep late at night. It’s not that I haven’t been shooting here in Denver. I have been shooting a ton, and it is all stuff I love to shoot; mostly food and beverages. A stint at a website all about craft cocktails and small batch distillers led to a book project. I have been working on a book called, ‘Colorado Top Brewer’s’ which will feature the creme de la creme of beautiful Colorado. There are around 140 craft breweries here in Colorado, and it literally seems like a new one opens each day. It is exciting to be at the epicenter of craft beer. Okay, I may be a tad biased at this point. While living in California I was a full on wine drinker but this project has won me over and I have discovered so many lovely beers. It has been a great project and I have really enjoyed meeting the passionate brewers, owners, and staff at so many great venues. This week we hit up Denver Beer Co. and Great Divide. Book will come out in June. Cheers!

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