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Editing Myself

I have worked as a photo editor, so you would think I would be better at editing my own photos.  Although truth be told, the title photo editor doesn’t accurately describe what we do.  Photo editors produce shoots, do lots of research, and generally figure out which photo to use where and how to get it.  We do also spend time sorting through hundreds of photos in order to put together books, albums, or webpages.  I have most recently been working on editing photos in order to update my other website, Hello Junior and editing photos from my honeymoon.  I have great pictures to go through and yet I find myself editing a photo and then checking my email, facebook, and even  Thus, the question remains; How to get an editor to edit?  My solution has been to multitask.  If I am also listening to music or even have Foxy Bingo open as well, then I am bound to be more productive.  My honeymoon was a once in a lifetime experience and while my photos might not be high art, I don’t want to lose the memories by not putting my pictures into some sort of cohesive project.  We were in Bangkok while there was the beginnings of some flooding.  As a photographer, I often feel flooded with photos.  I know that I will always be flooded with images because I keep taking more pictures.  It is my job to fill and then empty the buckets and I love it.