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30 second rule although I thought it was the 5 second rule

This is somewhat related to my previous post but funny and informative nonetheless.  I found this handy diagram on the sf weekly foodie blog, and it details some decision making guidelines for when to eat food that has fallen on the floor.  I am so glad to have some steadfast rules as I am scarily non germ phobic when it comes to food.  To get a better look at it, click this link to check out the diagram on its original site.

Also in food news is that there are so many restaurants in San Francisco that I had to create a google document to keep track of all the new places I want to go.  Just in case I find myself in the middle of the Mission trying to remember my list I published it online.  More places to be added soon of course.

Happy Eating.


Location: The top of the trashcan on my corner.

Found: An entire case of Girl Scout Cookies.

I adore Girl Scout cookies, specifically Samoas.  The donut shaped cookie drizzled in caramel, toasted coconut, and chocolate is my idea of the perfect dessert.  Samoa season only comes around once a year, so imagine my surprise to see a free case of cookies calling my name.  The trashcan on my corner is the unofficial resting spot for free food as there are many hungry people in my neighborhood.  Nothing ever stays there for too long and when I was working on the Thai cookbook it was a hotbed for Chicken Green Curry, and Shrimp Pad Thai.  My theory on the cookies is that someone in the area took pity on the cute little scouts last year and bought way too many boxes of cookies.  She is a local mom, eats mostly organic, so doesn’t let the kids eat too many sweets (like Samoas!).  New Year’s rolls around and Mom is on a diet and cleaning house, thus the cookies get kicked to the curb.  In my mind this proves that the cookies are fine to eat, and have of course not been tampered with.  However, my roommates advice was to leave the cookies alone as one never knows where said sweets have been.  I heeded the advice upon investigating the contents and realizing it was mostly Thin Mints and there were no Samoas.  Looking forward to Samoa season this year.  I think around February or March I’ll be stalking those little green salespeople.