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Happy Halloween and Other News

candywarehouse_2075_1317723336Happy Halloween out there.  Probably my favorite holiday as it is a great excuse to wear slutty outfits and eat lots of candy.  It is prime candy corn season, and thus far I have eaten lots of candy corn as well as candy corn flavored dots.  My official expert review: Good flavor, weird texture.  The tried and true original candy corn has been around for over 100 years.  Here is a link to a brief and nerdily fascinating history of its deliciousness on the National Confectioners website.

In other photo and food news, I have been shooting pictures of a Krispy Kreme Donuts shop for a new photo project.  Thus far, it has involved two trips to said establishment in Daly City, California.  It is amazing to witness the sugar glaze shower that enrobes each fried ring of goodness.  I have been shooting film so it is yet to be seen whether the photos turned out well or a reshoot (ie re-donut eat) is required.

In addition, today I shot the “about us” portraits for the website of a new start-up here in San Francisco.  I used a ring flash to create some fun and light hearted head shots.  I think everyone will be pleased with how they came out.

And finally, I just unpacked my new LaCie terabyte hard drive.  I am going to be so organized with all my little folders categorized into headings and master folders.  Ooh it is fun to geek out on storage.  I am even going to start backing up regularly.  You should too.

Have a great Halloween and Mischief Night and Day of the Dead.

Cool new artist alert


I just stumbled upon Bill Sullivan’s work online and I’m in love.  He is New York based and having a show at the Caption Gallery in Dumbo.  I think the large scale is really stunning and I can imagine the overwhelming feeling of seeing all these people surrounding you.  It is giving me a new perspective on my own eating portraits and I all of a sudden feel motivated to shoot some more.  Thanks Bill.  Check out his website for more info about his process and portrait theories.