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I really love Segways and yearn to have one of my own.  How easy it would be to cruise around San Francisco in one of these bad boys.  This photo and article is courtesy of the blog Mission Mission, as they have the finger on the pulse of our fair neighborhood.  The irony of the image is almost too much for me to handle.  But I am jealous of their segwaying around all day.  I wish I had been there to photograph and bear witness to this wonderful example of capitalism at work.

Chinese Food

chinacampfood2chinacampfood3chinacampfood4chinacampfood5chinacampfood6chinacampfood7chinacampfood8chinacampfood9Nihao.  I spent the month of August in China, thus have not been updating the news here.  I spent the first two weeks volunteering in a village in Hainan, an island in the South of China.  Our fearless group of 12 volunteers spent our days working on the village road, teaching English, and most importantly cooking and eating.  Every three days it was my turn to help out in the kitchen.  A typical meal consisted of 4 different simple vegetable dishes, some eggs or tofu and a boat load of rice.  Much to my surprise we cooked everything using one cutting board, one knife, one wok and one burner.  At home I use 4 burners, and 10 pots just to make one dish but it sure makes it easier to do the dishes.  All our food was bought in the nearby market so it goes without saying that we ate local, sustainable, and maybe even organic.  Many of my fellow volunteers were from Korea, and one thoughtful girl brought enough kimchee to last for 12 people for 2 weeks.  All the food was delicious if a bit plain.  After 2 weeks I was ready to chow down on some spicy Sichuan food and search for interesting street food.  Those photographs coming soon…….