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Classy Cooking

cookclass01cookclass02cookclass03cookclass04Acookclass05cookclass06Acookclass07cookclass08Acookclass09cookclass10cookclass11On Sunday, I took a cooking class with Emily Dellas.  She runs a cooking school out of her cool loft downtown.  The theme of the meal was healthy Summer eating.  She has an infectious happy energy and a loves to share her food knowledge with others.  I learned a few new skills while we cooked quinoa dolmas, tricolore salad, chermoula sauce over salmon or tofu, and frozen yogurt with berries.  It was all delicious.  Of course being a bit of a restaurant go-er, each dish reminded me of something I have had at a different restaurant only better, albeit involving more work.

It was an action packed evening.  Especially when a pan of oil caught on fire and the smoke alarm went off.  All part of the show I’m sure, and it made the end product even better.

Baked Goods

tropicalmuffins02molassesspicecake02counterI have been shooting a story on baking with applesauce for Mother Earth News.  The recipes are delicious, and for a few days there all I was eating was muffins.  The photos came out great, and I included a few here along with a shot of the chaos created in my kitchen.

Happy Grillin’

hero_flattenedHappy 4th of July Weekend!  It is a “big” weekend for grilling and barbecuing, so I thought I would feature this ingenious hot dog cooker.  Evenly cooked weiners every time, never burnt.  But in the spirit of gender equality, also check out the lady cooker at Roast My Weenie.

I am looking forward to some grillin’, beer drinkin’, and fireworks watchin’ tomorrow.  I am planning to make red cabbage cole slaw, tofu dogs, and maybe some cupcakes.  Yum.

Happy Independence America.  You are so independent.  all grown up.