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Jelly Belly

jellybelly1_webjellybelly2_webjellybelly3_webjellybelly4_webjellybelly5_webjellybelly6_webjellybelly7_webjellybelly8_webjellybelly9_webjellybelly10_webLast week I had a blast visiting the Jelly Belly factory in Fairfield, California.  I am fascinated by factories and food production, and was hoping to get up close and personal with the process.   The giant industrial machines and huge warehouses are amazing in that all that machinery creates tiny little sugary gems.  Alas, you aren’t allowed near the machines and it is forbidden to take pictures of the factory floor (but I did it on the sly!).  I really want to develop a project and take photos of any candy or food production machinery up close.  So, if anyone reading this has any contacts, please let me know.  Until then, enjoy these pictures.

dehydration and a full belly.

fruitrings06_thumb2These rings are amazing.  Great fun and creative.  Cathy in Austin, a recent college graduate is the artist behind these dehydrated fruit works of art.  They look like rare flowers set atop a ring of silver.  Reminds me of my college roommate Val’s mom who sent us shipments of dried apples every few weeks because I think she was in love with her food dehydrator.  I should get one……thanks to my friend Jenny who sent me Cathy’s blog.

My family is visiting San Francisco for a long weekend, and we are eating our way across the city.  I highly recommend everywhere we have been so far.


Anchor and Hope : I love their bread and butter, great seafood.  The decor is perfect.  East coast meets West coast.  Hello West Coast.



Cafe Gratitude : Mostly raw, entirely vegan.  I am a huge fan of rabbit food.  Their spring rolls and coleslaw would be on my top 25 (vegetarian) San Francisco foods.


Luna Park : My favorite drink of all time is their Dr Pepper.  Frosty glass bottle of Dr Pepper soda, vanilla vodka, vanilla syrup, silver tray, silver Dr Pepper Jelly Bellys.  And check out Luna Park’s twitter feed where you can find out the password that will get you a sweet discount.

Tomorrow morning we hit the Ferry Building Farmers Market.  One of the best food outings in all of SF.

Meat Cards

meatcardsSo, I think this is traveling around the internet at the moment, but how cool is this?  Meat business cards!  What a great way to promote your business or slaughter house.  I sort of want some.  How could you not hire someone who gave you a business card made out of filet mignon?  I think you could probably print on fruit rollups too.

My cute plate is full

eating01eating08eating04I recently did a shoot for FermLiving.  A very cool wallpaper and accessories company based in San Francisco.  They will soon be selling these fun dessert plates on their website.  I just posted a few pics to the products section on my website, but I thought I would share some outtakes.  We had a great time eating the desserts and drinking champagne afterward too!

James Wojcik is cool

wojcikJames Wojick is a New York commercial photographer who has done some cool stuff with food.   I once had a job interview to be his studio manager, and he has a nice big space near Union Square.  This image makes me wonder what were the logistics involved in putting this image together?   It also makes me want to put other random things into my blender…..

You can’t get swine flu from salami

salumeriaA few months ago I shot some photos for Boccalone, a delicious cured pork and sausage place in the Ferry Building here in San Francisco.  I finally checked out the website and saw that some pictures were up.  They want everyone to know they make awesome sandwiches as well as meat products to take home.  Tatiana and her crew were so friendly and welcoming, even though I took the place over with all the picture taking.  Alas, I am a vegetarian but they made me a wicked grilled cheese on my way out.

I know everyone is concerned about swine flu but it is a misnomer,  you can’t get swine flu from eating pork.  A recent article in The New York Times, includes some thoughts on how the epidemic might effect the pork industry.  My advice fight back by eating a Muffuletta sandwich at Boccalone.

Carbo load

bread1_hellerThe other day I shot this picture of homemade whole wheat bread for Mother Earth News.  Then I ate it and it was delicious.

I heart Martin Parr

parr_bakingMartin Parr is my favorite photographer.  His work is thought provoking, intelligent, and hilarious.  His use of satire in order to comment upon contemporary life and culture is always spot on.  He is a member of  Magnum Photos, one of the premier agencies in the world.

abudhabiAccording to their website, “Magnum photographers chronicle the world and interpret its peoples, events, issues and personalities.”  Most of the other Magnum members have a more serious style, often dealing with war and political strife.  Martin Parr is genius in his ability to engage with these topics in a unique way.

parrworld_abstractHe is my role model in that I aspire to be as prolific a photographer as he is.  I want to create images that are undeniably compelling and deal with the irony embedded in everday life.

Oh Martin, how I love thee.