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Creepy Food

mcpheeI am a huge fan of food accessories. The tackier the better. I also love old outdated food photography. These placemats from Archie McPhee cover all the bases.

Check out their website for more amazing food items such as bacon and wafffle flavored floss.

Thai Cooking

tunasaucesFor the past 6 weeks or so I have been working on a cookbook for Knack Books on Thai Cooking. It has been a fun and challenging project, as the book includes 96 recipes. Prior to this project, I had never cooked anything Thai but frequently call up my local delivery place for Penang Curry, Pad Thai, or anything with peanut sauce. My friend Courtney has been helping out with the cooking on this book, and we would love to collaborate on another project. Here is a recent picture of “Easy Grilled Fish in Garlic-Pepper Sauce,” and a view of our counter full of sauces. Knack Books are publishing an array of visual how to guides on a variety of topics, and I think this book will be out in the Fall?

Welcome to My Blog

pupusasWelcome to my blog. I am a still life and food photographer based in San Francisco. Thus, I plan to blog about my two passions: food and photography. I live in The Mission district of San Francisco which is a great one for food. I love this neighborhood because it is a combination of artsy/trendy and Mexican/Central American. There is a ton of delicious Mexican food, as well as great locally owned restaurants and serious foodie destinations. Tonight I am going to Delfina Pizza. It is one of the best restaurants in the neighborhood, on a block called “The Gourmet Ghetto,” and there is always a bit of a wait. Hopefully not on a Tuesday night.

Hello world!

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